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Registered to be established in Zhongguancun Life Science Park in March 2011, Novogene is specialized in the application of advanced molecular biotechnology and the high-performance computing in the life science research and human health fields. It strives to become a global leading provider of genetic science and technology product and service. Headquartered in Beijing, the Company has established labs or experimental bases in Tianjin, Nanjing, UK and Singapore, and set up branches in Hong Kong China, US, UK, Singapore, Netherlands, and Japan , with the office area exceeding 40,000m2.
At present, Novogene has set up a high-quality comprehensive interdisciplinary team composed of members from top universities in China and overseas, nearly 52% of which had master degree or above. The Company has established the high-flux large-scale gene sequencing and the high-performance computing platforms, which effectively support the demands of the life science research and medical health for big data analysis and storage.
Novogene served over 6,100 customers all over the world, covering about 70 countries and regions in Six Continents. Novogene has established extensive cooperation with many academic institutions all over the world, and completed several genomics research projects with internationally advanced level. By June 2022, Novogene published more than 950 SCI articles in cooperation with project partners,accumulating impact factors over 7970. Currently, it has obtained 274 software copyrights and 45 patents. It has partners all over the world, including nearly 3,300 scientific research institutions and universities, over 600 hospitals, over 2,200 pharmaceutical and agricultural enterprises.
As the leader in the gene sequencing field in China, Novogene’s business covers the fundamental scientific research service of life science, medical research and technology service, storage-building sequencing platform service, providing gene sequencing, mass spectrometry and bio-information technology support for global research universities, scientific research institutions, hospitals, pharmaceutical R&D enterprises and agricultural enterprises.