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Shenzhen Bioeasy Biotechnology Co., Ltd., founded in 2007, is a high-tech enterprise engaged in food safety, clinical diagnosis, public safety and other fields. With a focus on rapid detection, we are dedicated to provide our customers with high quality products, services and overall solutions to tackle current and emerging food safety problems, protecting our food from farm to table. Our products include rapid test kits and instruments for detection of antibiotics, aflatoxin, pesticides and other food addictive residues, serving clients all over the world in fields like dairy, meat & seafood, feed, grain and oil, food processing etc.

As a member of the AOAC (Association of Official Analytical Chemists) and IAFP( International Association for Food Protection), the products from Bioeasy are very reliable. Ten test kits were selected in China as the national standard test by AQSIQ (China General Administration of Quality Supervision), the Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau because of their excellence in sensitivity, specificity and stability. Our main dairy antibiotics testing products have also been approved by some international prestigious organizations like MPI, ACTALIA and ILVO etc.

Bioeasy as the global leading supplier of the milk antibiotic residues rapid test, we have the widest ranges of test kits available, we can customize different detection limits and also develop new test kit according to your local market demand. We deliver good quality, high accuracy robust and affordable rapid test kit all over the world, at or below EU/Codex MRL regulations, FDA regulations, Russia Custom Union regulations, etc. Validated by ILVO, CECALAIT(France), MPl(NEW ZEALAND) Approved by Polish Veterinary Research lnstitute (PIWET), and Bioeasy rapid test kit is also the only one company that approved by China AQSIQ. Bioeasy, we dedicated to protect your milk safety, and smooth your business trading all over the world!